Affiliate and Sponsorship Program Info

Looking to join our affiliate team? That’s great! We can’t wait to have you on our team! First we want to cover what our program offers and how to become a fully sponsored content creator.

Affiliate Team Member:

To apply for a position as an affiliate, please see the form on the sponsorship page of our website. This form will provide us with the basic information we need to set up your account and get you started with the program right away. Please understand that not all applications will be accepted. We sponsor content creators who are following basic streaming guild-lines when it comes to behavior. We review all applications before notifying you of the status to your email provided. Any ads or panels we have will be provided for use with your acceptance email.

What do my followers get?

Once accepted, you will get a confirmed code for your followers to use during check out. Your Unique code will provide anyone who uses it with 10% off their order. Once the order comes through it will be added to your account. We are currently working on allowing all accounts public to you, with a username and password to monitor your own profits. Until that update is completed we will provide you with an email notifying you every time a purchase is made with your code.

What do I get as an affiliate?

Every time your code is used and the purchase has been successful we will send you an email to notify you. We will then send you a 3% commission off of the entire order DIRECTLY to your PayPal account provided on your application. There is no payment holds, no minimum amount to withdraw. Once we get the order, you get the commission sent straight to your PayPal within 3 days.

How do I become sponsored?

If your code is used ten or more times within a six month period we will contact you directly to offer our sponsorship program. This program will be different for each content creator based on their needs and sales. (Opportunities include donated products for charity events, paid streams, paid trips to cons, promotions and ads, content growth opportunities)

Can I lose my code and perks?

We are able to terminate your affiliate partnership and sponsorship at any time if needed due to behavior.

Please be sure to check on your application that you have read and understood these terms and we look forward to having you on the team!