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At Tearsofglitter Customs, our expertise lies in painting and design. Our journey began by customizing game controllers and delving into the esports realm. As we progressed, we explored Virtual Reality, discovering a passion for crafting character designs. Our goal is to transform digital concepts into 3D reality collections, striving to bring the best versions to life. With over a decade of experience, we have been dedicated to painting and designing projects.

We have honed our skills to blend creativity and technology seamlessly, pushing the boundaries of imagination in every project we undertake. Our team of talented artists is committed to capturing the essence of each design, infusing it with innovation and craftsmanship. Whether it's creating intricate patterns, vibrant color schemes, or lifelike textures, we pour our hearts into every detail.

Our studio is a hub of inspiration, where ideas flourish, and concepts come to life. Through collaborations with clients who share our passion for creativity, we have cultivated a community that values originality and excellence. From concept sketches to the final masterpiece, we ensure that each piece resonates with authenticity and individuality.

We believe that every creation has a story to tell. Our commitment to bringing dreams into reality drives us to exceed expectations and deliver unparalleled results. Join us on this journey of artistry and innovation, where imagination knows no bounds and creativity thrives.


at our journey  

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About Us   

We've teamed up with top-notch printing wizards to sprinkle a touch of magic on all our projects.

This dynamic collaboration ensures that every creation we birth is pure gold.
With their tech prowess and our creative flair, we're on a mission to deliver nothing but the best to our fantastic clients.

Together, we're crafting masterpieces that dazzle and delight, setting new standards for excellence in the realm of creativity.

Our Partnered Printers!

Colorful Creative Concept Map (7).png
Colorful Creative Concept Map (7).png
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Our bigger projects


We value the importance of building strong relationships with our partners!

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